AYA SRH Service Access Project (ASSAP) Brief

Problem description

Zambia’s HIV treatment cascade highlights large gaps in HIV testing, particularly among men and adolescents (10-14), and large gaps in VLS, particularly among young adults.

Differentiated HTS strategies to reach untested populations are a key focus for the country. In addition, given that prevalence of VLS among people living with HIV in Zambia is lowest among young people age 15-24 (34% among women and 35.7% among men), there is urgent need for younger cohorts to receive focused and tailored adherence support.

Project description

The Project’s overall GOAL is to increase access to SRHR/HIV services and strengthen the capacity of adolescents and young adults (AYA) to hold service providers accountable for improved quality of SRH and HIV-related services for AYA through the use of an innovative blend of demand creation and social accountability strategies (DC/SA+).

This project will in turn address some of the challenges highlighted above faced by adolescents and young adults. The main objective is to strategically influence
national processes in the area of adolescent and youth health programming.