ACTION AID (Y-LAP): Support Visit and Training of Community Facilitators

During our recent visit to Chipata, our dedicated team embarked on a mission to assess potential facilities and secondary schools in the region for the upcoming Youth-Led Adolescent Program (Y-LAP).This scouting process aimed to identify the most suitable locations for our project activities, considering key factors such as accessibility, community engagement potential, and the number of potential beneficiaries.

After meticulous evaluation, the team made its selections, choosing Namseche, Kapata, Chipata Hack, and Muchini Clinics as the ideal facilities for Y-LAP activities. This decision was reached with a commitment to ensuring the project’s effectiveness and its positive impact on the community.

In addition to these facilities, we also visited nearby secondary schools to gather baseline data for future reference. This data will play a crucial role in selecting the most appropriate schools to be linked with the identified health facilities, fostering a holistic approach to the project’s objectives.

Article 2: Engaging with Local Leadership

During our visit, we had the honor of paying a courtesy call to Chief Mazimawe’s Chiefdom within Chipata District. This visit served as an opportunity to introduce our project, given that the Chiefdom falls within our project’s catchment area. Chief Mazimawe welcomed our team warmly and emphasized the importance of reaching out to young people, recognizing their vulnerability within the district. The Chief acknowledged our project’s potential to contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts to reduce teenage pregnancies.

However, the Chief also highlighted the presence of other organizations with similar initiatives in the district and advised us to hold a round table meeting with these stakeholders. This collaborative approach aims to prevent duplication of efforts and ensure a more effective achievement of our shared goals.

Article 3: Building Vital Partnerships

Our team understands the significance of collaboration with local authorities. As part of our strategy, we conducted courtesy visits to the Provincial and District Health Directors, as well as the Ministry of Education. These meetings were instrumental in gaining their support and collaboration for the successful execution of Y-LAP.


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