ACTION AID: Launch of the Youth-Led Advocacy Project in Chipata and Choma Districts

Filling Gaps, Driving Change!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Youth Led Advocacy Project (Y-LAP), aimed at enhancing healthcare quality, including SRH, HIV, and other services for adolescents and young people, especially in Chipata and Choma Districts. Y-LAP leverages client feedback and youth-led policy advocacy to address systemic healthcare inequalities and obstacles, particularly in responding to gender-based violence (GBV). This groundbreaking initiative aims to amplify the community’s voice especially the Adolescents and Young people to address systemic improvements benefiting all young individuals in Zambia. By monitoring and evaluating SRH service availability, quality, and accessibility, and by providing comprehensive SRH education and services during weekends, we seek to bridge gaps in community health programs, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes. Through strategic partnerships with local stakeholders and involving dedicated youth in health programming, we aspire to drive transformative change at both national and community levels.

Objectives at the Core

The Youth-Led Advocacy Project sets forth three key objectives:

  1. Empowerment through Monitoring and Evaluation: The project aims to empower community members, including adolescents and young people, to actively monitor and evaluate SRH services in their communities.
  2. Combatting Early Pregnancies: Y-LAP strives to reduce the incidence of early pregnancies among adolescent girls in Chipata district through targeted awareness campaigns and comprehensive SRH education.
  3. Building Capacity for a Safer Future: The project will strengthen the capacity of local stakeholders, including community leaders, educators, and health workers, to prevent and respond to early pregnancies and child abuse through training and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

A Collaborative Approach

In our journey towards a healthier future, collaboration is key. During the project launch in Chipata, we had the privilege of engaging with Chief Mazimawe’s Chiefdom. The Chief welcomed our team warmly, acknowledging the vulnerability of young people in the district and emphasizing the potential impact of our project in curbing teenage pregnancies. Chief Mazimawe also highlighted the presence of other organizations with similar initiatives and emphasized the need to maximize collective efforts and avoid duplication.

Understanding the importance of collaboration, our team conducted courtesy visits to Provincial and District Health Directors, along with representatives from the Ministry of Education. These engagements were instrumental in gaining their invaluable support and collaboration, paving the way for the successful implementation of Y-LAP.

In summary, the Youth-Led Advocacy Project is a testament to our commitment to improving healthcare outcomes and empowering communities. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of the youth and the community at large, driving positive change for a brighter, healthier future.

Stay tuned for more updates on our impactful journey with the Youth-Led Advocacy Project!


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