ACTION AID (Y-LAP): Training in Chipata for Community Champions/Facilitators

This project seeks to improve the quality of sexual health for AYP in Chipata through client feedback collected by trained community members. With this project, ZYP hopes to fill in current gaps that exist in the community health programs and improve the outcomes of health services in general. In hopes of obtaining value-added feedback and/or evidence, ZYP shall work with dedicated young people already engaged in health programming and advocacy as well as in close partnership with strategic partners and community members in targeted districts that have the capabilities to collaborate on the national level with key stakeholders, and neighborhood levels with clientele receiving health services. The evidence generated will be used to inform advocacy around SRHR including HIV programming.

ZYP will implement the Youth Led Advocacy Project to promote cooperation in addressing community health needs, encourage adolescents and young people to share their experience, and facilitate joint action that makes a difference in the national health system strengthening efforts. This shall be done through youth-led community advocacy guided by the newly developed ZYP advocacy strategy. ZYP recently formed a National Youth Accountability Coalition. The organization intends to use this platform to foster adolescent/youth driven advocacy at national level in order to influence health related policy decisions that affect young people across the country. In addition, ZYP plans to set up the Youth Accountability Coalition at district level. This structure shall be strategic in driving sustainable youth led community advocacy.

This project will also aim to improve the quality of SRH, HIV and other health services for adolescents and young people in Zambia through youth-led policy advocacy. In-addition the project will address systemic inequalities and obstacles to health service access and responses to gender-based violence (GBV), this will lead to systemic improvements that will benefit all adolescents and young people in Zambia.

The project is centred on the ZYP belief in the power of the collective to drive development. Through this project we shall continue to convene and connect networks of young people to create new initiatives where SRHR gaps exist, engage publicly and with power brokers, to catalyse action. The project will use a multi-pronged approach; Network Building, Advocacy and Evidence Generation.


ZYP uses a socio-ecological model, investing in interventions that tackle the numerous barriers that impede the progress of adolescents and young people at various levels.


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