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The Zambian Youth Platform (ZYP) is a network of adolescents and young people who include youth leaders/workers and their organisations committed to the emancipation of young people in Zambia. ZYP works to unify the voices of young people in country responding to social economic development challenges.

Formed in 2015 and registered in 2016, ZYP has created a diverse cadre of coordinated young people working and interested in youth emancipation. ZYP has an agenda to create a cadre of young dynamic leaders who can unite and foster continued national peace and stability through positive engagement in social and economic development.

ZYP currently the largest adolescent/youth network in the country. The network represents adolescents and young people on key decision making structures including; the country coordinating mechanism (CCM) of the global fund, Chair of the PEPFAR Civil Society Advisory Group, Civil Society Self Coordination Mechanism, National Adolescent Health Technical Working Group, SADC SRHR Community of Policy and Practice, as well as some provincial/district structures and recently received an invitation to nominate two young people to potentially join the National AIDS Council Board.

It is a mechanism for mobilization of adolescents, young people, youths/youth leaders and youth workers and their organizations.
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Our Board

Oscar M Nyaywa

He is passionate about youth emancipation, environmental sustainability, protection of media arts and preaching of the gospel.
Vice Chairperson

Akende Simamuna

She is a Social Worker and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights advocate, currently pursuing her master’s in Public Health.
Vice Secretary General

Yesani K. Daka

He is a secondary school teacher at Mubanga secondary school in the southern province of Zambia, in kalomo district.
What do we stand for?
ZYP has massive experience in convening both decision makers and the young people at all levels. The organisation has active and committed membership across the country. The network is recognized and supported by all major partners in the country and beyond. The organisation has held some notable and major events from 2018 to date.

These activities include but are not limited to; The national adolescent health indaba (NAHi) which attracted five hundred and twenty one adolescents and young people from across the country, secondly the organisation has also held some provincial youth dialogue meetings and finally held the first ever district adolescent health indaba in Kafue district. As a team ZYP has proved its ability to domesticate regional and/or international efforts at country level.
The ZYP programme
The ZYP programme is a progressive youth facing and youth-friendly policy & programming framework for Zambia to accelerate the attainment of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all young people in the country. It clearly recognizes that active and meaningful participation of adolescents and young people in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the interventions is crucial.

Adolescents and young people not only represent a significant and growing population in the country but also, disproportionately bear the burden of SRHR issues including HIV. In Zambia adolescents and young people today are burdened with a cocktail of health problems mostly SRHR related that make it difficult for them to thrive.


Visit our office or simply send us an email anytime you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Off Livingstone Road
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      The Zambian Youth Platform
      We are a network of adolescents and young people who include youth leaders/workers and their organisations committed to the emancipation of young people in Zambia
      Plot No. 3856, Humba/Kozo, Off Livingstone Road
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